Christian Growth Seminars
Available by Ken Wilson, Ph.D.

As a special opportunity for your church, Agape Counseling Center is pleased to announce the offering of our Christian Growth Seminars. They provide lectures in a classroom setting and give students an opportunity for full instructional teaching.

"People-Helpers Seminar" - 6 Hours
"People-Helpers Seminar" – consists of 6 lessons on basic counseling principles for Christians who don’t want to be professional counselors, but do want to learn basic skills to help hurting people.
"Building Strong Families" - 6 Hours
"Building Strong Families" – consists of 6 lessons on parenting, marriage, and the Christian Home by God’s design.
"The Joy Factor"
"The Joy Factor" – consists of 6 lessons on empowering people who live in the midst of turmoil and difficulty to learn coping skills.
"Keys To Conflict Resolution" - 6 Hours
"Keys to Conflict Resolution" – consists of 6 lessons on learning good communication and problem-solving skills when dealing with people.
"Creating Biblical Leaders" - 6 Hours
"Creating Biblical Leaders" – consists of 6 lessons on developing in the church and home Godly servant leaders.
"Transformed Life" - 6 Hours
"Transformed Life" – consists of 6 lessons biblically emphasizing the transformational process of experiencing the power of truth thinking.

For pricing or to register for seminars, please contact our office by email at or phone our office at (253) 820-9150.

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