Agape Counseling Center is committed to the Lord Jesus Christ in all of its practices and procedures. Our qualified counselors have developed an expertise in Christian Counseling using known psychological laws and abide by Christian ethics. We wish to help hurting people with the healing power of God’s Word.

Agape Counseling Center offers a range of services using God’s word to help with Anxiety, Depression, Anger, and Low self-worth. Our Counselors have experience in individual and marriage counseling as well as working with domestic violence, substance abuse, and blended families.

The two Modalities at Agape Counseling Center we use in each session are:

  •    TEMPERAMENT THERAPY: The temperament is the part of the inner man that is placed within him by God. The Temperament Analysis Profile is required of all clients and reveals their basic characteristics and temperament traits. Every individual has temperament needs to varying degrees, and it is the work of the Temperament Therapist to help the counselee in meeting those essential needs in a Godly way.
  •    COGNITIVE THERAPY: Originates from the idea that people are characterized by how they think about the world, and the way they think and interpret events, leads to emotional responses. This is a psychosocial (psychological and social) therapy that assumes faulty thought patterns cause maladaptive behavior and emotional responses. This treatment focuses on changing thoughts in order to solve psychological and personality problems.

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 Agape, pronounced "a-ga-pe", is the Greek word for "unconditional love".