A Message From Our President, Ken Wilson, PhD.

Ken WilsonWelcome to Agape Counseling Center's "Distance Learning Counseling Courses". Distance learning offers students the opportunity to study at their own pace with their own classroom materials and achieve certified training degrees. Agape Counseling Center offers courses through Distance Learning, and some are featured at the Sunset International Bible Institute Northwest. Agape Counseling Center is accredited by the National Christian Counselors Association.

We offer quality course materials with a Christian emphasis, recognizing the Bible as the primary source for Christian counseling. God is the creator of the universe, the Master Counselor (Isaiah 9:6) and the Provider of all good things (Philippians 4:19). Our courses are simple, yet effective in training others to counsel. These courses are based on biblical principles and psychological laws that empower hurting people to face the trials of life. We offer training and mentoring support to all of our students, regardless of where they live. We send course materials to students throughout the nation and around the world. This ministry is designed to provide quality training to people with hearts for God and a desire to help people develop skills to live a life that pleases the Lord and is fulfilling. I hope you will consider joining us on a counseling journey you will never forget or regret. Thank you for considering Agape Counseling Center.

Agape Counseling Center Courses & Instructions

Agape Counseling Center is a Certified Academic Institution with the National Christian Counselors Association. Certification in Christian Counseling is available for those who have completed these six courses: Obtain a certificate in Christian Counseling, Attend SIBI Northwest's instructor led courses, Complete courses via distance learning, Must have a high school diploma, We are a Certified Academic Institution with the National Christian Counselors Association, and We provide training and degree programs.

The student must obtain a copy of the required textbooks for each course that are listed in the study guide. A one-sided, three-page typed book report is required for some books to be submitted during the final exam to Agape Counseling Center, and is worth 20% of the final grade.

All of the self-exam questions in the study guide must be answered and submitted to Agape Counseling Center. The self-exam questions are worth 10% of the final grade.

Each study guide has twelve chapters (except for the Advanced course) and two exams are required. A midterm exam is taken when the self-exam questions in chapters 1-6 have been completed and submitted to Agape Counseling Center. The final exam will be required when the self-exam questions in chapters 7-12 have been completed and submitted to Agape Counseling Center. All questions are taken from the chapters in the study guide. The exams are worth 70% of the final grade.

The student taking an Agape Counseling Center exam is required to have someone approved by Agape Counseling Center (other than a family member), who will verify that the envelope containing an exam was not opened prior to taking the exam and that the student will not refer to a textbook or any notes during the examination.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

NCCA Certification Program
For College Credit and NCCA Certification as a Christian Counselor

To order the courses that are priced at $219.00, click on the price and you will be taken to a PayPal order form. For the two courses priced at $299.00, you may contact our office at (253) 820-9150 to order them.

This course is a resource for Christians desiring to develop counseling skills in order to reach out to hurting people.
This course of study is designed to biblically define a Christian home, to explore its values, and to motivate Christians to create such a home.
This course relies on Christian principles and psychological laws. Prospective counselors will learn about diagnoses and specific treatments
In this course, students will study basic human temperaments given to us by God and the application of temperament therapy.
Advanced Christian Counseling

This course follows completion of the prerequisite courses. It is an in-depth study of temperament therapy and its application to the counselee.
Temperament Therapy Practicum

This practicum is required for a certificate in Christian Counseling. The student will administer the Temperament Analysis Profile.
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