Agape Counseling Center welcomes and honors our students and their accomplishments. These students have exemplified hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to the goal of furthering Christ’s mission to help a hurting world. We appreciate all of you and pray diligently for your success.

Congratulations To Our Graduates!
  •    Kevin Bethea, Nottingham, MD
  •    Matthew Bogue, Marshall, TX
  •    Suzanne Pruett, Woodinville, WA
  •    Naomi Watson, Abingdon, MD
  •    Annette Christiansen, Powell, WY
High Honors Go To These Students!
  •    Triston Jacobson
  •    Regina Braden
Student Testimonials

For years in ministry I downplayed my counseling skills and, if asked, I would give the name of someone I felt capable of helping those who did ask. The longer I was in ministry the more I felt the need to share with others outside of a sermon or a class. I wanted to aid those at a point of being helped and who had a relationship trust with me. At one point in my life, I had taken emergency medical training and had even worked part-time with an emergency medical service. I knew the value of training. However, I was not at a point where I could go back to school to expand the small portion of counseling education I had received in college.

Exploring the options of correspondence learning, I came across the website for Agape Counseling Center. Knowing Ken Wilson, I was intrigued as I read the options they presented. After talking with them, I felt this was a good choice to make. I still believe it was a good choice. The courses presented were informational but not overwhelming. Through the books supplied with the courses I was learning tools to help others and myself.

Being familiar with other temperament assessments and inventories, I wondered how the Arno Profile would work and how useful it would really be. Having finished the practicum and sharing with others the results of the profile, I can see its value to me as a counselor in sharing the truth people need in the way they can make it practical in their lives to become the people God made them to be and to work through the struggles of life. Some of those who have taken the profile through me are encouraging others to do the same. My ministry and, I pray, my effectiveness as a minister has been enriched.

I would heartily recommend to anyone with a heart for helping others to examine this avenue. The cost is very reasonable. The time it takes to do the work is not hard to find. The encouragement and help from those at the center is readily available. The blessing it will be to you and others could well be incalculable.
Colquitt Nash, 08/22/13

Using the Bible as the absolute authority, cognitive therapy coupled with temperament theory and a temperament analysis profile, ACC offers the most dramatic advancement in counseling in modern times.  Their distance learning course, based upon sound scientific research and sound Biblical teaching, shares insights into human behavior that are unsurpassed by any other school or institution of its kind.  In my opinion, the ACC counseling course should be a must for any church leader called to preach, teach or counsel.  John L. Price, 08/09/12

What an educational, encouraging and eye-opening opportunity the Agape Christian Counseling program has been for me. Nearly everyday, I use information I've learned from the counseling studies in my personal relationships and communication. ACC has definitely enriched my life and my Christian walk! Annette L. Christensen, 07/10/12

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been quite challenging, enlightening and very useful. It will become an integral component to my ministry as well as explaining much to me about my own temperament. Earle B. Rattal, 06/25/12

Thank you for your excellent counseling courses. I have found that the most immediate benefit is a better understanding of myself, coupled with tools for improvement. The courses provide insight which helps in personal spiritual transformation for the committed disciple of Christ.  David H. Dunn, 06/20/12

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